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MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday

I’m gonna make damn sure
That you can’t ever leave
No you won’t ever get too far from me

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Kief Theif

bet that little guy was flying high..

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still in my top 5 favourite videos on the internet. 

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How does someone cope with not being able to be with the person they’re in love with… Its so hard..


I wish I was your favorite memory…

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My hair is so soft…


I’ve watched trees release their leaves, warming bare branches against the sun.
I’ve seen snakes shedding their own skin, a natural process of renewal.
I am reminded that change is inevitable, we are scattering the remnants of our former selves and I don’t know where I am in life.
I’m floating between shedding and renewal, I have not yet found solid ground.

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I had a dream last night and I remember this because I know it happened but I woke up crying and shaking and like I couldn’t breath or catch my breathe I was just scared to death because this guy in my dream held a gun to my head and was threatening to kill me. I remember that… Its so weird having something like that happen to you and it seeming so real, but you knew it was a dream, I don’t know it’s a crazy feeling.

I think its awesome that I’m going to have work tomorrow (: I’m happy. I love that jobbbbbbb


this little bee looks so happy

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